Work With Jesse

Coaching with me is right for you if:

  • You want to be an active participant in your own healing, but you are tired and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
  • You’re watching life from the sidelines and worry your health limitations mean you will never have the fun and joy you are missing out on.
  • You want to feel better, have deeper relationships, improve your daily routine, meet your goals, and start living again.
  • You are willing to stop feeling like a victim of your diagnosis and start taking action, one tiny step at a time.
  • You know you need to lose weight (5 to 200 pounds), but the thought of starting another diet based on will power and restriction sounds exhausting.
  • You have forgotten what it is like to feel beautiful, inspired, sexual, creative, and alive.
  • You’re ok with lots of laughter, occasional profanity, and plenty of positive vibes along the way.
  • Food has become one of the main things you look forward to and sometimes feels like your main source of joy.
  • You have tried the diets but can’t seem to stop the yoyo cycle of “on the wagon or off the wagon” eating, drinking, and thinking.
  • You would like the support of someone who has been there before and knows her way out of this heavy shame cycle.
  • You are willing to believe you are capable of more.
  • Your chronic pain and fatigue make it hard to move forward into a more active life without aggravating symptoms or causing flare-ups.
  • You want to feel in control of what you eat no matter what emotion you are feeling or what kind of food is around.
  • You are inspired by my story and want empowerment and joy for yourself.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself for 12 weeks with me!

How Does it Work?

Warning: Laughter, joy, and a sense of ease are common side effects of the Live Lighter Method.


Goal Setting

In our first session we will set goals based on where you are now and where you want to go. Coaching is a partnership, but YOU are the leader. Based on your needs, we will customize a fibro-friendly plan that will serve your mind, body, and spirit.

You will leave our first session with everything you need to start truly taking care of yourself and losing weight without extra food prep or diet plans. Your homework will take less than 10 minutes per day and can be done even on your worst days from bed. You are welcome to do more if you like. Nothing will be done perfectly and that is part of the process. I will guide you through lasting change with a sense of ease, gentleness, and JOY. The power in this work is consistently taking baby steps towards a healthy, happy life. All you need is a willingness to try and keep trying no matter what.



We will meet once a week on Zoom for a weekly accountability check-in, along with deep one on one coaching.

Our coaching sessions will include powerful thought work that will profoundly change your life and your relationship with fibromyalgia. You will unravel and let go of the limiting beliefs about your diagnosis, old diet mentality, body shame, and other belief systems that are holding you back from your best life.

You will have access to my extra videos and materials that will help you along your journey. I will be available between our weekly sessions to help you over any bumps in the road towards your goals.

When you are ready for more, we will increase your daily commitment to your healing. There is no rush and no need for perfection. Results happen when we keep showing up, not just when we show up perfectly.


Deep Change

You will start feeling beautiful and capable again despite your fibro! Your habits will change, the weight will drop, and your life will be deeply transforming over these 12 weeks as you discover how much power over your life you actually have! The weight loss and self-coaching tools that you cultivate here have the power to impact all aspects of your life and will continue to grow with you as you go deeper into mindfulness, self-care, body appreciation and joy.

As we begin reaching the end of the 12 weeks together, you will decide your next steps. Some clients are ready for independent work and no longer need my support on a weekly basis. Others sign up for another 12-week commitment and we will work together to continue the journey and set more goals.

This process is yours and you get to make it exactly the way you like.

12 Weeks Lighter

My coaching package includes:

  • My simple but powerful (fibro-friendly) step by step weight loss and goal setting plan that anyone can do and is sure to shed the extra pounds and bring on the confidence.
  • Powerful weekly one-on-one sessions for 12 weeks in a row (Zoom or Phone).
  • Access to my private materials between sessions to motivate you and help you get it done.
  • Accountability between sessions via email or Slack.
  • Very flexible cancelation policy to accommodate your health needs.
  • Hope, weight loss, body confidence, accountability, and transformation all in one fun and transformative package!

Cost: $1995

Can be paid in 3 monthly payments

The Value of Coaching

You may be asking yourself if coaching is worth the money. I asked myself the same question and continued to ask it for a long time. I did not understand the value I was getting until I committed financially. Paying for my first coach is by far the best money I have ever spent on my health. I had already spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors, therapists, healers, procedures, and alternatives therapies that hardly made any difference in my life. I decided to take a risk and spend a little more on coaching. I would love to tell you the value of hiring a coach for me but I can’t. I can’t because I don’t know a quantitative value of what it meant to start believing I was capable again.

What was it worth to start believing in myself and my body again? Of seeing that scale go down because I could control small things I was doing even though I had felt totally incapable of change for so long. The way I blew my own mind when I finally was able to make it several blocks walking and eventually to a mile then to 5Ks after walking across the house was impossible on so many days. What would I pay for feeling like a woman again and not just a patient? How much was it worth to go to my son’s soccer games, graduation and other events after missing so many things due to pain and exhaustion? To be able to get out of the bed and travel to see ill family I may never see again. How much would I pay for my amazing marriage, deep true friendships, and the ability to help friends and family members when they need me?

Most of all, what would I pay to end the cycle of self-loathing and shame and truly start loving myself and my life? I’m not sure the value, but I don’t ask if it’s worth it anymore because of the miraculous way my life has changed because of coaching. I just keep paying for high quality coaching because coaching saved my soul and maybe even my life. I get coached every week and never plan to stop.

I believe coaching is for everyone and I would be honored to be your coach. No matter what you decide, it is my hope that you find the right coach for you and start living your best life TODAY and NEVER let your physical limitations keep you from believing in yourself.

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