Jesse Martini

Fibromyalgia Life Coach

You are a beautiful and capable woman. You are NOT your Fibromyalgia. You are NOT a number on the scale.

Step out of the darkness and shame of self-loathing and chronic dieting and into the joyful, abundant, and authentic life of your dreams.

Are you ready for a Lighter Life?

What is The Live Lighter Method?

Do you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue? Are you feeling lost, like you’re living life from under the shadow of your fibro diagnosis? Do you feel misunderstood, judged and alone? Are you watching your own life from the sidelines, afraid you’ll never catch up to the rest of the world?

I understand, and I can help.

I guide women who live with chronic pain and fatigue out of that heavy darkness and into the light of their own lives. You are not broken; you are human. You are not lazy; you are struggling. You are not disgusting; you are a beautiful and whole woman who is capable of so much more than you may think! No matter what physical limitations you may have; you can start having more joy and ease in your life and body starting today!

I can help.

My coaching method combines simple, fun, and practical steps for mental growth, emotional healing, and physical weight loss for women with fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain and fatigue. I help my clients find the hope and motivation needed to take steps forward out of the darkness and into the light. With chronic illness, sometimes those steps forward are tiny. Good! Tiny steps are the perfect and proven way to create steady progress and lasting changes that lead to reaching your goals. I combine those steps with deep, transformative thought work along with the gentle, yet powerful, accountability and support of one-on-one coaching. Lasting change only happens when we change how we are thinking about our diagnosis and ultimately who we are BEING while living with chronic pain and fatigue. With The Live Lighter Method, you will change your habits and lose the weight, but that is only the beginning! You will realize that you are capable of stepping into this world and becoming the woman you want to be despite your limitations and no matter what size jeans you currently wear. I work exclusively with women who are ready for radical self-responsibility paired with deep self-compassion and grace.

Are you ready to regain your own self-respect and start loving yourself and your life today? Are you ready to start listening to your body and giving her what she needs? Could you use more JOY and laughter in your life? Are you willing to take one simple step at a time towards a lighter, more joyful life? I can show you the way. We got this!

“Radical self-care is quantum, and radiates out into the atmosphere, like a little fresh air.”
— Anne Lamott

Meet Jesse

Hi, I’m Jesse.

I love all things authentic, hilarious, and inclusive. I am a Certified Life Coach, a wife, a mother, and an autoimmune warrior. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and 6 other diagnoses. My pain and fatigue impact me every day to varying degrees. I no longer fight the reality that I am ill, now I embrace it, accept it, and take responsibility for the things I can control. I’ve lost 70 pounds using The Live Lighter Method but most importantly I have stepped out of a life dominated by pain and suffering and into an active, authentic, creative, and super fun life that I love!

I believe women can be stunningly beautiful and remarkably strong at any size and with any disability. Every woman gets to decide for herself what life and weight best supports her inner and outer beauty. When I set out to work on my healing and lose 70 pounds, I just wanted to FEEL better and begin to believe in myself again. Smaller clothes and less weight on my joints are super fun benefits for me now, but the real magic of my transformation has been learning to feel beautiful, capable, and confident in my skin with my diagnoses and at any weight. Feeling free around all types of food and letting go of diet mentality and realizing my power in my own healing have been life changers for me! Now I have the amazing honor of helping other women do the same.

I am living proof that no matter what hand life has dealt you, you can turn those lemons into lemonade and start living the joyful, authentic life of your dreams. I help my clients reach their goals with ease and joy. But most importantly, I help women step into a happy and meaningful life no matter their obstacles. We were not put on this planet to watch from the sidelines while spinning in self-loathing, illness, yo-yo dieting, victimhood, and shame. We were meant for so much more. Are you ready to blow your own mind? Here we go!

What you can expect:

Weight Loss

It does not matter if we want to lose 5 pounds or 200 pounds, we simply cannot lose weight or create healthy habits permanently with guilt, shame, and self-loathing. With the Live Lighter Method, you will learn the simple steps to shed the weight and/or start working towards your goals with kindness, love, and appreciation for your body. No more fear of food or feeling miserable from measuring, counting or restriction. You will drop the weight for the LAST time and learn how to keep it off for good. You can let go of yoyo dieting, starve/binge cycle, or “I’ll start tomorrow” mentality. My method includes small steps with big results. It is super simple to implement, fibro-friendly, sustainable for the long run, and has excellent results. It was created for women like me with very little extra daily energy. You will eat what you love and drop the drama around food and diet. I provide you with all the details and the accountability you need to start dropping the pounds today with ease.


Through our work, you will build confidence in yourself by discovering how much power you have over your life and remembering all the beautiful qualities you have right now, even with chronic illness. By learning to change your thinking and your habits one small step at a time, you will start seeing the potential you have to change many aspects of your life. Your body will drop pounds and start to feel better as you become empowered to take control over your choices and your life. Most importantly, you will learn to TRUST and LOVE yourself again through this process as you move toward your dreams one step at a time. As your coach, I will help you build the path to the goals that work for you as you become brave enough to start stepping towards all your dreams. Remember, tiny steps are all you need! I will believe in you until you learn to believe in yourself.


We can only change our lives from the inside out. As your thoughts, your beliefs, and your relationship with yourself, food and your diagnosis begin to transform, so will other aspects of your life. As you learn to love and celebrate yourself, you will be more intentional and present with all things including relationships, time management, finances, sleep hygiene, sexuality, relaxation, movement, creativity, and best of all, your capacity for fun and joy. Through showing up for yourself one tiny step at a time, you will work towards and accomplish goals you did not think were possible. Your life will become more meaningful, hopeful, and authentic despite your pain and fatigue. I will be here every step of the way to help you navigate this new adventure until you are ready to go solo.

My Clients Say...

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