About Jesse Martini

Hi ya’ll! I’m Jesse!

I struggle daily with severe pain and fatigue, AND I freakin’ love my life! I am a big believer in things happening exactly as they should, and I know with all my heart and soul that the struggles I have been given are here to teach me and help me grow into my full potential and spread my light as bright as I can as long as I am here on Earth.

I found coaching and started realizing that fighting my circumstances was leading me to more and more physical and emotional pain. My first coach helped me finally understand that I could not change my circumstances no matter how hard I tried, but I could accept them and thereby move forward with my beautiful life. If I learned to accept my body’s limitations, I realized I could change my thoughts about my debilitating pain and fatigue and start gaining control over my life again. I have learned to cultivate deep gratitude in my life and show up for myself by choosing to change my thinking, and therefore my feelings, and my results. I practice radical self-care and honor my body’s needs. I stopped working against my body and let go of 70 pounds and rediscovered an active and joyful life filled with meaning and connection. My dream is to help other women do the same. I now know that it was always meant to be this way. Trust me, if I can do this, so can YOU.

My Journey

Getting Sick

I was an elementary school art teacher for most of my adult life. I won many awards for my dedication and teaching excellence and was crazy about my career and my students. I was happily married and we were raising our son with what we considered a dream childhood. My life was full of creativity, connection, and lots of fun. It never occurred to me that my life of ignoring my subtle yet pervasive pain and fatigue, constant hustle, packed schedules and addiction to perfectionism and junk food was slowly taking a toll on my body and my weakened immune system. When my debilitating pain started and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I did not believe my doctors. I wanted them to find the “real” problem and give me surgery so I could keep hustling. I tried to ignore it, outrun it. I thought if I could just double down and push harder, I could feel better and get on with my life. Until one day, my body simply said NO. I was 39 when I contracted a virus and got very, very sick. There was no way to ignore my body anymore because walking to the bathroom was often excruciating and sometimes impossible. I had to leave my dream job abruptly in the middle of the school year. I eventually lost all income, all of our family medical benefits, and all hope of ever getting well. I was living my life mostly from the bed and there was nothing I could do about it. It took three years for my doctors and specialists to eventually unravel my autoimmune problems and give me eight separate diagnoses. I was living in hell watching from the bed as life was passing me by.

Food and Weight:

My struggles with my weight and my emotional attachment to food started as a young child; I don’t remember a time when it was not an issue for me. Getting sick just made the problems worse. I was already overweight but gained an additional 50 pounds during my sickest time. I would wake up each day under the black cloud of pain and crippling fatigue paired with the shame and guilt of falling off my diet for the thousandth time. I felt so lost and incapable of making progress that I would just run back to food for comfort. I felt like a hopeless victim of my illnesses, but I also had a nagging feeling that I was, at the very least, partially responsible for how sick I was. The guilt and shame was crushing. I knew deep down that I could be doing so much more for myself and my healing, but I felt terrible every day and had no hope of making lasting changes. I would try diet after diet only to fail and run back to food. I used junk food to avoid my pain, guilt, loneliness and hopelessness. The cycle felt toxic and hopeless.

Finding Coaching

From bed I started listening to great self-help books and podcasts. Jen Sincero, Martha Beck, Brene’ Brown, Brook Castillo and Corinne Crabtree were among the firsts to ignite my inspiration to start taking baby steps. I started feeling hopeful from the great wisdom I was hearing, but I could not find a way to gain ground and make consistent changes. We were broke. So, so broke and it felt like my fault because I could not work. I reluctantly talked to my husband about hiring a coach even though we could not afford it, and he absolutely supported me because he knew my suffering could not continue. It was the best decision I ever made.

I worked with several coaches and took their wisdom and made it my own. I started to take baby steps and began building a new relationship with myself and my body. I learned to celebrate every little “win” and accomplishment. When I started dropping pounds with ease, feeling proud and hopeful and slowly becoming more active, I made a firm decision that one day I would be well enough to help other women who suffer from chronic pain and fatigue lose weight through self love instead of shame and guilt and feel better too. I made it my mission to crack the code and figure out how to pull all this valuable information into simple small steps that anyone could implement no matter their limitations. My method breaks habit change down into steps that are maintainable for life and easy to implement.


Now I LIVE the method I’ve created for us all, and I help other women do the same. Today, I accept and embrace all of my diagnoses. They are circumstances in my life that I cannot change. But I have learned that there are so many things I can change. Because of the empowerment and self-responsibility I have discovered, I am creating a life far more amazing than before I got sick. I love everything I eat, but I am no longer living to eat; I am eating to live and support my body and my blessed life. I am slowly becoming an athlete, which I never dreamed possible. I am able to enjoy all of my favorite activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, dancing, swimming and camping. These things are not possible every day, sometimes not even every month, but I have slowly built up my abilities by taking small steps.

I still have flare-ups that keep me in bed for days, but I no longer make that mean I am broken and incapable. I honor my body and her needs; I listen when she says rest. I am crazy in love with my husband and love our marriage. My 22 year-old son and I are so close and enjoy so much fun and authenticity together. My friendships and family relationships are deeper and more authentic than ever. I have a successful Life Coaching practice and get to help other women heal. I love my life so much it’s hard to believe I am the same person who was once so lost and stuck. Even though I still live with daily pain and fatigue, I am changing my life completely with tiny steps, and so can you! My healing is a process, and I will never stop working towards all of my goals and keep setting bigger ones for myself. I have learned that mountains are topped one step at a time. When I can’t step, I rest. Then I step again. SO CAN YOU!

My credentials, teachers and inspirations

I have a BA in Early Childhood and Special Education/Art Education. I am a fully Certified Life Coach and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School. My teacher, and school founder, Brook Castillo, has built the absolute best coach certifications in the world. The methods I have learned have changed my life in every way possible and continue to do so. It was an absolute dream come true to certify with such excellence and I am honored to help my clients change their lives with these transformational tools. I am also fully certified through Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coach Training. Martha is the author of multiple New York Times best-selling books including her most recent, The Way of Integrity. Not only is Martha an incredible woman, scholar, and feminist, she is also a fellow warrior of chronic pain and fatigue and was instrumental in my own belief in tiny changes making HUGE transformations over time. I am honored to have certified with her. My other coaching teachers and inspirations include Jen Sincero, Mel Robbins, Corinne Crabtree, Kara Loewentheil, Jody Moore, and Bev Aron. I have dedicated myself to the highest quality coaching schools and certifications, and I will never stop improving my coaching skills and my progress in this profession.

I am personally and spiritually inspired by fellow normal human beings, my best friends and family, inclusivity, authenticity, vulnerability, great art and music, silly humor, hard laughter, Buddha, Jesus, Eckhart Tolle, Brene’ Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Anne Lamott, Paramahansa Yogananda, Frida Kahlo and many others.

Also, dogs. Dogs are my favorite inspiration and joy emitters.

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